Call Control for Blackberry

Call Control for Blackberry

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Call Control - The Community Blacklist App for Blackberry 
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Download a 14 day free trial or purchase the Pro version for a one time fee of $7.99.

Call Control - The Super Blacklist App

Call Control is PRELOADED with THOUSANDS of spam callers automatically on your blacklist and has a personal blacklist so you can block calls from any number you'd like. Block telemarketing and other spam calls automatically with Call Control, the first application for BlackBerry® that effortlessly blocks telemarketers without any involvement from the user!

Call Control Voted the Verizon Wireless Best SAVE TIME App!

Why is Call Control Different from other Call Blocking apps?

Your Call Control Blacklist comes PRELOADED with THOUSANDS of telemarketers and is automatically updated to keep telemarketers from calling you. People call it the SUPER BLACKLIST app for Blackberry! Other apps simply can't compare!

Stop Telemarketers, Debt Collectors, and Others from Calling You!

Block telemarketing and other spam telephone calls before they ring with Call Control, the first application for BlackBerry® that knows who the telemarketers are and stops them from calling your phone.

Call Control Features:

  • Blocks calls without a ring.
  • Call blocking by personal and community blacklists.
  • Automatic community blacklist updates from
  • Personal blacklist and whitelist.
  • Personal whitelist and automatic adress book contacts whitelisting.
  • Lookup unrecognized phone calls directly from your call log.
  • Block calls from Private and Unknown callers.
  • Blacklist and report calls directly from the BlackBerry call log.
  • Report spam calls right from your BlackBerry.
  • Block telemarketers and spam callers reported by FCC Do Not Call complaints.
  • Call log shows "Blocked Calls".
  • Address book contacts are never blocked.
  • Automatically runs when device starts (optional).
  • Blocking calls by area code (available in personal blacklist only).
  • Send blocked calls to voicemail or disconnect them.
  • Works with both GSM/CDMA and WiFi connections giving WiFi a priority.
  • Supports RIM OS 4.2+.
  • Free Online Integration - Manage your call reports from your free profile at
  • Free product updates and support.

How Does Call Control Work?

Call Control gets regular updates from the Community Blacklist of spam callers, containing over 3.5 million numbers, which are auto-updated to your BlackBerry and blocked automatically. The Community Blacklist is generated from user reports and Do Not Call complaints, keeping your BlackBerry constantly protected against annoying callers.

Blocked calls will simply not ring on your telephone* and the caller will be directed to voicemail. When a telemarketer doesn't get a live person, they'll hang up and you won't be bothered!

Try Call Control Free Today! Then be sure to Upgrade to Pro!

Download a FREE 14 Day trial version of Call Control and try our call blocking technology for yourself! Call Control Pro features automatic daily Community Blacklist spam updates, unlimited access to the entire Community Blacklist and unlimited personal Blacklist entries.

You'll save time, money and minutes with Call Control by keeping pesky telemarketers and other annoying callers from calling your BlackBerry.

I'm Registered on the Do Not Call list, Why do I need Call Control?

The Do-Not-Call list is only partially effective. There are numerous exemptions that still allow companies and political organizations to call you, not to mention that fraudsters and robo-callers aren't going to respect the Do Not Call laws! Call Control is much more effective than the Do Not Call list because all kinds of unwanted callers are blocked, including those that still would be allowed to call you under the Do Not Call rules.

For more frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.

*The free Trial version will expire after 14 days of installation at which point users must purchase Call Control Pro (we hope you do!) or the software will revert to a limited but functional Lite version. The Lite version includes a single update with a sample of the Community Blacklist, is limited to 5 Blacklist entries and does not expire. Call Control Lite is meant for a no risk trial of the software, however users are encouraged to purchase Call Control Pro for enhanced call blocking and full set of features. In very rare instances, some Blackberry devices will allow a partial ring or beep prior to blocking the call.
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 J'adore! Sauf le fait que la version gratuite est pour 14 jours seulement ...  

Blackberry App World User


Blackberry App World User

 A+ app!  

Blackberry App World User
Best App Period

 Wish I would have just got this app from the beginning! Works great. Tried other apps which were ok at best, but when I upgraded to the torch and 6.0os they wouldn't even function. Don't waste time like I did. This is the app you want!  


 App is good, my only problem is that when person from blocked list calls the phone rings once and then reject, so the person is aware their number has been blocked.  

Blackberry App World User

 Program works intermittently. Paid for full version, multiple emails to support with no solution, asked for refund, DENIED! Since I've had this program (8 months) they have never released an update! DO NOT GET THIS. Don't waste your time with the trial version either, will not work after trial expired and hard to uninstall the program.  

Blackberry App World User
Da Gooda

 -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸Thank You•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ ™  

Blackberry App World User

 Two thumbs or dua I ) / / / \____ /' (___)) / __/ (___ )) / (___)) :D//\_____(__ )/ /î��' ' /'\ î�� î�� ƾìïƿº°Ë�Ë�°º» dah..  

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