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John  -  Dec 14, 2013 08:56 AM

DCA Agency a SMALL TIME collection agency that collects purchased accounts from Banks and retail companies like cell phone past due accounts. All of that stuff is way past the legal statue of limitation in Quebec that is 3 years after the last payment. Call the OPC and place a complaint right away ! First they don't mail the initial letter has the law indicates , althought their system will show that it was mailed , they did not to save the money involved because it's thouands of files monthly , therefore they save well over $100,000 + a year in not respecting the mandatory provincial regulations. This Agency is NOT trusted by the CIBC , TD , RBC or Rogers for example to collect actual dues like trusted agencies such as CBCC,TCR or ARO just to name a few. DONT GIVE THEM A CENT ! THEY ALREADY PAID YOUR DEBT TOWARDS THE CREDITOR ! MEANING TO WHOM YOUR OWED IT TO ! IT IS STATE BARRED ! Good luck !

Caller: Unknown
Caller ID: 1-877-607-8957
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Big chief al  -  Sep 17, 2013 02:57 PM

Caller DCA asking to speak to a person that does not live at my phone number nor whom I do not know which DCA called here in Toronto, Ontario Canada I told caller this number is mine for 30 years he said will take it off list right away. This is not the first time they have called and I just disregarded it before. No more. He whom ever he is even quoted a file number for this person and left a message for him to call back asap, on my answering machine. Turns out it is long distance charges for call I made to DCA. Where this company is I have no idea.

Caller ID: 1-877-607-8957
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Kittycandie  -  Nov 4, 2012 02:18 AM

Dept collector They calls sometimes 6 times a day

Caller: ??
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Anonymous  -  Oct 15, 2012 02:38 PM

Consistent calling

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