I received so many calls from morons just like this that they actually ran my minutes out of my cell phone. They were actually calling about a debt of my father's who is now in a nursing home on Medicaid with progressive dementia. Once you go on Medicaid, the disadvantage is that they take everything (and I mean almost everything) and only give you $44 per month, but the advantage is that they care of you for life. Another advantage is that WHATEVER DEBT YOU HAD at the time you go on Medicaid BECOMES UNCOLLECTIBLE! I tried to tell these callers that they CANNOT collect a dime of my father's debt, ESPECIALLY NOT FROM ME, but they call anyway. I finally called Lemberg and Associates, sued these stupid f*ckers, and won! I am $750 richer but more importantly they finally stopped calling! Now they are calling my sister and I put her in touch with Lemberg, and it looks like these b*stards are in for another costly spanking! I'm telling you people that you do not have to put up with this. The best two things I ever did was to sign up for EveryCall to research the numbers and then turn it all over to Lemberg and Associates! If enough people sue these gestapo jerks, we can put them out of business or at least get them to discontinue their gangstalking, strong-arm tactics.

Caller: Unknown/Unidentified
Caller ID: 866-296-7956
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