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Jul 7, 2014 03:41 PM

866-847-1251 calls my mother's house every day, eight times per day. My sister in-law is in a Florida prison and she keeps harassing my mother by calling every day, eight times per day because she wants my brother to set up a pre-paid phone calling account while she's in prison so she can make phone calls. My brother hasn't been over my Mom's house in several days, BUT the jail bird continues to call EIGHT times a day HOPING that someone will feel bad for her and set up an account. We don't know how to get her stop calling. SHE'S IN A FLORIDA PRISON. One would think they could control their inmates since she's doing time for a very serious offense, BUT NO, a Florida inmate, apparently, is permitted to harass whoever they wish to. I have called several numbers listed with the Florida Department of Corrections. Every person I get is either clueless or has no idea where the NPC Destin Correctional Institute in Florida is. The company that sets up the phone system for the inmates is called SECURUS, and I was given their phone number, and, of course, I can not get through because I live in an area of Florida that does not have access to that phone number. Does everyone feel more secure and safe knowing that the State of Florida has NO CONTROL of their prisoners, NOR, do they know which prison my sister in-law is....when the call comes in they say it's from the NPC Destin Correctional Facility...nobody knows where this prison is....not even the Florida Department of Corrections. Isn't that just great? Caller: Securus

Jun 26, 2014 08:40 AM

using my phone number fraudulently