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Apr 21, 2014 11:51 AM

I just received a phone call from this number, they asked if someone was going to be available to receive legal papers for my sister (they gave her name) they knew that much, I hung up on them, then decided to call back to see if I could get the company's name...The message sounded like "DM Services" but I couldn't understand the recording, then it said "the voicemail box is full" Which told me right there this was a scam. I hung the phone up, and received a call back from the 1-828-919-6798, the woman said she saw this number on her caller ID, so I explained I was calling back because I received a phone call regarding my sister, I gave my sisters name that was it. She said yes, I told her I knew the company was a scam and I wasn't sure how they got my number her response was " I will take your name off of the contact list" I then said, I need to know the name of your company, her response "NO." Then she hung up on me, its a SCAM!!

Mar 31, 2014 11:47 AM

the operator, after giving the computer enough time to load my information since I picked up the obvious robocall asked if I could answer questions regarding a "legal matter" involving someone I know. she used a name that could be my brother or father, so these people know that much, but didn't check who I was or anything. I called her out immediately for the obvious scam. she claimed it was serious but sounded incredibly unprofessional. I had already looked the number up the last time they called and I didn't answer. other folks research claim it is a proxy number and this is their MO. they use a person's name you know to try and get you to give up personal information. next time they try Ill pretend to play along to see what they ask.