Hello Marylou Noble, We don't have the names of the people that go to the bank, as these are blind surveys. I've been thinking about this, and I think the best way to explain what we do is by imagining that you were just filling in a blind survey that got mailed to you, but instead of writing down your answers, you just tell us yes or no. Also, we do not send out mailers or internet surveys (that would be the end of our jobs!) Sorry about the unprofessional caller! Unfortunately, the MSR Group takes in just about anyone that comes in looking for a job. But rest assured, if they are rude it'll only be a short time until they're gone, as we're recorded and graded our our calls (which also reflects our pay!) That is the reason why we cannot stray too far from our prompting screen. If we say something that's not on the screen, we'll be downgraded for it and possibly get a lower pay the following quarter. So as you can see, being professional and courteous callers is in our best interest (as well as yours, of course!).