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Apr 24, 2014 12:22 PM

said they where calling from federal grant department and that I had been chosen because I had no criminal record and I paid my bills on time and that I couold use the money for anything but buying drugs which was my first clue that it wasn't real who in the hell is going to tellu u won money but u can have it unless u say u wont buy drugs with it then the second number I was given to call was 2027381655 and this non English speaking person's name was some how Kelly smith and said all I need to do was go down and buy a green dot card and load 265 dollars on it to verify who I am and then they would stay on the phone with me the whole time so that I bought the right card and the 15 -20 minutes after I load the 265 for verification that they would then load the 7 thousand dollars on the the card for me but .. IF U PAY ATTENTION U WILL NOTIUCE THAT ONLY 1500.00 ADAY 3500.00 A WEEK OR 5000.00 DOLLARS A MONTH CAN BE LOADED ON TO THESE CARDS SO THEIR IS NO NO NO NO NO NO WAY FOR THEM TO LOAD 7000.00 ON TO IT JUST BECAUSE THEY SAY THEY ARE THE FEDERAL GRANT DEPARTMENT HELLO ........

Apr 22, 2014 03:43 PM

says I got money from the government.