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Recent Call Reports

2 minutes ago

Disconnected number on call back. Left no message. Don't know anyone in Utah and have never done business with anyone in UT.

7 minutes ago

leaves 5 seconds of dead air on voicemail. rather annoying

19 minutes ago

Called me, one or two rings, hung up. 2X called back. No connection.

31 minutes ago

Calls and hangs up. When I call the number, says it's no longer listed; hang up and call again.

31 minutes ago

Said the were from Mastercard Fraud detection and hold is on my card. I don't have a Master card, seems like a scam.

36 minutes ago

cash advance for you, nonsense.

40 minutes ago

User said don't worry mam we have your computer ID we will help you with your problem. No computer issues and as soon as I asked what company he was calling from he hung up.

42 minutes ago

Indian people trying to sell erectile dysfunction medication

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