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12 minutes ago

Yay I won another "free" vacation...

24 minutes ago

Fakein like they are law firms,or collections was veryrude had to call police to make a harrassment case

26 minutes ago

Never leaves a message and can't be reached at that number.

1 hour ago

I get an automated call when I screen my calls with my answering machine but this company that comes up on my caller ID as Star LLC states that I owe an collection account to US Bank for an overdraft account in 2005. Funny thing is I have never had an bank account with US Bank. Not too keen on...

1 hour ago

Say entered sweepstakes. As soon as I said I didn't have a credit card. I was disqualified

1 hour ago

It's weird because this same thing you have mentioned they have stated to me but they claim the year was 2005 and it was for an overdraft for US Bank.. Funny thing is that I never had an account with US Bank. They stated I needed to contact the US BANK Recovery Department at 866-434-2103 and gave...

1 hour ago


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